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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Beat the Heat in Red Hot Month

JogNog's MasterMind Challenge is a great way to keep your kids learning this summer.  It is a free competition.  Students learn as they go, so no background knowledge is required.  You many want to even check it out for yourself! Don't forget to add your school or team name once you have created your free account. 

JogNog has been instrumental in my classroom.  By singing their praises, I now work with them in the area of social media promotions.  I would never endorse a product that I do not love!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

But, My Students Don't Have an Email Address!

We all find these great websites where our students can play games, create projects, or collaborate with each other.  The problem is that many sites often require an email address for registering and/or logging in, but our students don't all have email addresses.  Here is an easy way to solve that problem while maintaining privacy and control.

1. Create an email address using Gmail.  I gave mine an easy to remember name (4mrswhitehead).
2.  When creating accounts, students will simply use this email address with a + and their name or number before the @ (
3.  Gmail recognizes this as a separate email address, but all correspondence goes to the original email address.  This way, students are not allowed to email using this address, but they can register and login in for websites. Also, if anyone tries to contact a student, you have record of it.
4.  As far as passwords, my students all had the same password (school name and number). The email account had a different password that they did not know.  You may have to confirm accounts sent as emails since your students don't have access to the account.

This works for most websites.  I have found maybe one or two that do not recognize the addresses as separate accounts.  It has saved me a lot of hassle and provided the ability for all of my students to enjoy great sites.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Save Time with JogNog!

Many of us are already thinking about the next school year-new ideas, things to add, things to change, etc. I encourage you to give JogNog Quick Quiz a try.

JogNog Quick Quiz allows you to create an online quiz in literally 60 seconds or less.  The video below will show you how.   

Using JogNog's content of  20,000 study questions, you are sure to build a quiz to meet your needs.  Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Technology Tailgate

I am so excited about the opportunity to become a contributor for Technology Tailgate.  As you know, I am passionate about using technology in the classroom.  Technology Tailgate will be a gathering place for various bloggers to share what works with technology integration.  Take time to visit the blog. I know you'll learn so much from the posts!