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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Introducing Google Drive to your Students

My students collaborate on all sorts of projects and assignments.  Google Drive (formally known as Google Docs) is the perfect place for collaboration to happen.  Therefore, I felt it necessary to teach my kids the basics of Google Drive.  In this project, we simply created a Google Document that each student added information.  I wanted them to see the ability of adding to the same document at the same time.  

Here is the assignment as I posted it on Edmodo

Lewis and Clark and Me
Turned in (6) 
Sep 7, 2012
This week's story is about the expedition of Lewis and Clark. They explored the Louisiana Purchase. We are going to discover more information about their expedition. 

1)Using SAFE SEARCH FOR KIDS, research Lewis and Clark. Write down 5 facts that you learned. 
2)Open GOOGLE DOCS. If it asks you to log in, the username will always be, and the password is XXXX. 
3)Click on the document titled LEWIS AND CLARK. 
4)Type your 5 facts. You may change the font and color. Everyone will be typing on the same document. 
5)Once you have typed your 5 facts, click the TURN IN button on this post.
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Just a hint, you will need to create a Gmail account for your class.  This account and password needs to be accessible to all of your students.

You can view our document in progress by clicking {here}.


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