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Monday, March 30, 2020

Make It Monday: Felt Christmas Stockings

As educators, we all need an activity that is good for our soul.  One that we can create and express ourselves while escaping from the day-to-day routines of lesson planning, scheduling, discipline, parent meetings, etc.

I have recently taken up sewing.  Specifically, I sew felt Christmas stockings.  All work is done by hand.  Personally, I use kits created by Bucilla.  The stockings I have made each have a significance.  

My first, Christmas Baby, for my first granddaughter, Stella

My second, Santa Paws, in memory of our Sheltie, Snoopy, and in honor of our Bichon, Chevy

I am currently working on Pawfect Gift.  I'll share it with you once I am finished.

I urge you to use this time of social distancing to take up a hobby.  Find one that you enjoy while allowing to calm your mind and soul.



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