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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tech Tuesday-Rover


Rover is a free iPad app that allows you to access flash content. The cool thing is that this app is designed with students and teachers in mind. Rover is powered by iSwifter, but this app provides content filtering to protect our students from inappropriate content. Download Rover by visiting iTunes.

I have in no way been asked or compensated to review this app. While browsing the VocabularySpellingCity forums, I found a post about an iPad workaround for the flash games on VocabularySpellingCity. I thought it was too good not to share. It is exactly the type of app I have been needing in my classroom. I was thrilled to find Rover!
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Erin Klein said...

Lovin' the tech tips! Thanks for this one...

I also wrote about one that works here: http://www.kleinspiration.com/2011/10/photon-flash-web-browser-for-ipad.html

I am a new follower of your site.

Happy Holidays and Hugs,


Jason Whitaker said...

I so wish that apps weren't tied to a platform. There are some fantastic iPad apps that would be ideal on my HP Touchpad. Anyway, thanks for sharing.