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Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm in Graduate School!

This has been a super busy summer! Although, I have neglected my blog, I am not going away!  I am currently enrolled in graduate school at The University of Alabama to obtain an M.A. in Educational Leadership.  This has been such a rewarding experience thus far.  However, I never knew a person could read and write so much!  All my free time is spent on homework.  This process is making me rethink things I do with my students and my faculty.  I'll definitely be sharing some of these things with you once I have a few extra minutes to blog.  For now, I've got to get back to studying!

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Elizabeth said...

Congratulations for taking on this challenge! Best wishes to you :)

Robin said...

I'm right there with you Cara. I made the mistake of taking my "summer" elective course which ran May 21-June 18...which yes, overlaps with school ENDING here in Michigan. Live and learn! Hang in there, we CAN do this:-)
Good luck!

It's All Elementary!

Chynna said...

Congrats! That is so awesome. I can't wait for graduate school in a few years...I will just be student teaching this fall. Just found your blog, I am your newest follower:)
Hope to see you at my blog sometime!


Samantha said...

Congrats! I know that you're excited!! I have a few friends going for Educational Leadership and they're having a great time :)

Julie Buda said...

Congratulations! I am currently in grad school too (for instructional technology). I've found that my summer classes are actually tougher than the fall and spring ones-the content is compressed into a shorter amount of time! It is time consuming, but so worth it! Good luck!