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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Social Media Friends

As I prepare to presentation for the Alabama NBCT Network Conference entitled "Expanding Your Reach Using Social Media," I ponder what that really means.  As a teacher, it is fiercely important to give and take.  We share lesson plans, teaching ideas, complaints, and successes.  Social media has broadened my network of "teacher friends" to those across the country.  There are people I have met through this blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Edmodo that have strengthened my teaching skills,  provided a continual drive for excellence, and encouraged me along the way.  We give and take unselfishly. (I tend to take more than give!) We are teachers first in order to educate kids.  Social media is not used to become "famous." It is used to make us better teachers, accountable to each other, so we can provide our students with the best education possible.  I am thankful for my social media friends!

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