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Thursday, August 20, 2015

How to Edit a PowerPoint in Google Drive

Can a PowerPoint be edited on a Chromebook and opened on a desktop computer.  The answer is YES! 

1.  Download the PowerPoint needed.  

2.  Open drive.google.com, and log in with your Google account.

3.  Click the red box labeled NEW at the top left of the screen.


5.  Select CANCEL on the CHOOSE A THEME screen.

6.  Select FILE.  Then, choose IMPORT SLIDES.

7.  On the screen that pops up, select UPLOAD at the top.  Click the blue box labeled SELECT A FILE FROM YOUR COMPUTER.  

8.  Select the PowerPoint you downloaded.

9.  Once it finishes uploading, next to SELECT SLIDES on the top right, choose ALL and then IMPORT SLIDES.

10.  You can now click the slides on the left that you do not want and delete with the delete button on your computer.  It automatically saves your changes.  

11.  Where it says UNTITLED PRESENTATION at the top, click on it and rename it to the PowerPoint name.

12.  When you get ready to use the presentation, log back into drive.google.com on your desktop computer.  You will see the presentation in the list of files.  Click the PRESENT button at the top right to make it full screen.  

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Ravi Kant said...

Love the way you have elaborated the tips on 'How to edit a PowerPoint in Google Drive' Hope you would provide such interesting and useful information.