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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Whitehead's Wisdoms

After hearing Ron Clark speak at ISTE11 in Philadelphia this summer, he has quickly become my educational role model. I love how he develops a sense of community in his classroom. He has proven that this increases academic achievement. As the year progresses, I am developing a list of "Whitehead's Wisdoms" built from Ron Clark's book, The Essential 55. These are common sense, everyday rules that kids need to know. I introduce one to two rules a week based on the needs I see in my students. So far, we have covered:

1)Greet everyone with respect.
2)Respond to adults with ma'am or sir.
3)Compliment others.
4)Never give personal information over the internet.
5)Congratulate each other.
6)Keep your hands clean.
7)Don't tattle. Report.
8)Make eye contact when someone is speaking.

My kids have responded so well to these rules. We are working on being the best people we can be. Check here for our updated Wisdom's