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Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Must Have-VocabularySpellingCity Math Vocabulary

I love teaching math! I especially love finding new tools that aid in my math instruction. Even better, is finding a tool that my students love, too. This is exactly what happened when I VocabularySpellingCity introduced their new math vocabulary section. 

The word lists which have been created from Common Core and NCTM standards are arranged by grade level and content standard. If you have a free account, you can simply import them into your account. Once you have imported them, you can edit the lists to suit your students' needs. You can add or remove words and customize definitions and sentences. I tend to use them just the way they are!

Vocabulary is a very important part in understanding math. It is the basis for all math principles. Also, it is important they have a basis of math terms to use in standardized testing. Every two weeks, my students are presented a new list that I print from VocabularySpellingCity using the Flashcards button. The kids play the various games daily on our Promethean ActivBoard during math centers time. Finally, the are tested on the words using the Vocabulary Test Me feature. 

You can easily see why VocabularySpellingCity Math Vocabulary is a must have!