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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Elapsed Time Video Story Problems

A video story problem is a great way for students and teachers to bring more of the "real world" into the classroom through the use of video. I was introduced to this concept by my friend, Tyler Hart. Recently, my students created video story problems on elapsed time.

Their task was to create a video that included an elapsed time word problem. The key is that they did not provide the answer to the problem. That is for the viewers to figure out.  I divided my students into five groups of four students each. The group was responsible for writing the script, bringing any needed props, and recording the video. To view there finished products, {click here}. While there, please comment with your answers. Better yet, let your students watch the creations and figure out the answers. 

This project took all of 30 minutes to complete from beginning to end. The educational value was amazing. The kids worked together. They can up with creative ideas and implemented those effectively. Most importantly, they know how to figure elapsed time. Rather than a worksheet, this activity made it real world.

A video story problem can be easily adapted to any area of the curriculum. In reading, the students could ask comprehension questions. In science and history, the students could create video story problems of the specific topic of study. In math, you could practically do anything. Mr. Hart has some great video story problems that he created at the grocery story. {This site} contains lots of ideas of video story problems. Have your students created any video story problems? If so, please link them here for us all to see. I know we will find some new ideas!