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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Promethean ActivTable

I recently had the opportunity to view the Promethean ActivTable in use. Not only did I get to see a group of children use it, but I got to use it, too. I must begin by saying it is SO COOL!

At first glance, the ActivTable looks like a giant iPad. However, it is so much more. The ActivTable is a collaboration tools where up to six users can interact at one time.  There are build in activities that cover math, science, writing, social studies, reading, etc. A teacher can also create tailor made activities just for her students. There are built in tools like keyboards, calculators, web browsers, etc. Each user can select what he needs.

In the above activity kindergartners and first graders were sorting animals by their size. You can see the number of hands on the board. It will hold up to 60 touches at one time. So, it easily allows for interactive learning.

One of my favorite activities was the sentence building activity. With the build in keyboard, the students could type words and sentences that automatically became word cards. The students could join the word cards, and the ActivTable would read it to them. You see five children and an adult working together to create a story. The cool part is that each child could work individually or collaboratively as a group. 

The screen on the ActivTable is 46" which is plenty of room for six students. Above, you see six 4th graders working together. The height of the ActivTable is made to support students in wheelchairs. The ActivTable is on casters for easy mobility.

The ActivTable will not be available for purchase until summer. It is definitely worth its price of $7999. You are receiving an interactive tool that promotes collaboration as well as individualized learning. If you price six stand alone computers that are interactive and collaborative, you can see how cost effective the ActivTable will be. I can't wait for the release. Maybe, I'll be one of the lucky ones that will get one of the first ActivTables!



Lori said...

That is so neat! I have not seen this before. I can see where kids (and teachers!) would just love having this!
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Rilynn said...

This is the kind of technology in the classroom that will make kids want to come to school.

I'll have to find a demo in Boston - of course, they could charge admission to a demo, that's how fun it looks.

Becky Kaisler said...

I feel very fortunate to have ordered an ActivTable for my preschool/Community Ed center. I'm anxious to get it! Thank you for sharing!