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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Read the Bible Through Week 9

As the Israelites were ending their 40 year wandering in the wilderness, they began to get very uneasy and impatient with the situation. God had great things in store for them, but they just couldn't seem to wait. How often do I do that? God has a plan for me. He has promised me many things. I must remember that He knows what is best for me and when the best time will be. I need to keep my hands out of His plan!

God spoke to me in the following ways during each day's readings.

  • Numbers 6-9: Don't make compromises with God. Pray for a workable situation. Instead of praying "Why do you want me to do next?," pray "What do you want me to do right here?" Discover God's purpose for your life by discovering what He wants now.
  • Numbers 10-23; Psalm 90: Stability isn't a lack of change but moving with God in every circumstance. Take your complaints to God and not each other. He can solve any problem. Don't let negatives cause you to lose sight of God's promises.
  • Numbers 14-16; Psalm 95: Don't stop trusting God just as you are ready to reach your goal. He brought you this far and won't let you down. Don't regret advice you don't like. It may be God's method of telling you his message. We must not only do what is right, but it must be at the right time.
  • Numbers 17-20: Troubles are often a result of our disobedience and lack of faith. God is not to blame.
  • Numbers 21-24: Complaining comes from a thoughtless attitude. Deal with the cause of the complaint, so it won't take hold of your life. We must look at the long term benefits of following God instead of the fame and fortune.
  • Numbers 25-28: God works in quiet ways to bring about his long range purpose.
I still urge you take this challenge of reading the Bible through in one year. This is a challenge I am going to undertake each year from now on. If you are just now getting started, start with this week's scripture. Don't try to catch up. You can read that next year.
  • Monday, March 5: Numbers 29-32
  • Tuesday, March 6: Numbers 33-36
  • Wednesday, March 7: Deuteronomy 1-3
  • Thursday, March 8: Deuteronomy 4-7
  • Friday, March 9: Deuteronomy 8-11
  • Saturday, March 10: Deuteronomy 12-15