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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Operation 2012-2013: My Goals for Next Year

As this school year winds down, I have been thinking of things I want to add and improve for the next school year. I would appreciate any ideas, tips, or comments you have as I initiate Operation 2012-2013.

  • Common Core Integration-We are moving into the Common Core Standards. Although, I am familiar with the 4th grade standards, I need to familiarize myself with the 3rd grade standards. It will be necessary to fill in the gaps for this group of students. Also, I want to make sure my current curriculum matches the standards and make appropriate changes if needed.
  • Better Writing Instruction-Teaching writing has always been a struggle for me. Often, proper writing instruction falls to the wayside because I just don't know the best approach to take. Over the summer, I plan to research various programs and find one that best fits my students and me. Any recommendations will be appreciated.
  • Daily Five Implementation-I am familiar with the Daily Five. In fact, I own the book! However, I have never implemented the program completely. My goal this year is to fully implement the program in order to achieve success in all of my students.
  • Revamp my Classroom Setup-My classroom is very small, and every inch of the space is utilized. I hope to maximize the space for easier flow, small group instructions, peer tutoring, and availability of materials for student use. I have found several ideas on Pinterest for storage seats made out of five gallon buckets, decorative boxes to store manipulatives and supplies, circular drying racks for displaying student work, etc. I've visited other classroom and gathered ideas. Also, I want to provide each student with a book box. I am still looking at various examples to find what will fit my limited space and budget most effectively. What do you use?
  • Include Math Notebooking-Throughout the year, I have been introduced to math notebooking through blogs, Pinterest, and presentations. It is a topic that I think would be very influential in math learning. We are getting a new math program this year, so I plan to incorporate math notebooking with it.
  • Do a Better Job with Science and Social Studies-This was a goal I had last year, and in my mind, I failed miserably. Due to a lack of time and a push for greater math and language arts instruction, my ideas of more project based learning activities, research projects, and hands-on experiments fell to the wayside. Students need to be immersed in science and social studies instruction.
  • Provide Social Media Opportunities for Students-My students are give many opportunities to integrate technology into their learning. A whole other area of technology integration that I plan to tackle is social media. My students use Edmodo on a daily basis, but I want to expand into Twitter, blogging, website creation, Pinterest, etc. Kids of all ages are already using social media, but no one has ever stopped to teach them appropriate digital citizenship. I want my students to know how to use social media responsibly.

So, Operation 2012-2013 is now underway! This is a long list but one that is highly attainable. Can you help me stay accountable? Throughout the summer, I will be preparing for next year's class. My students deserve the very best education that I can provide. 


Working 4 the Classroom said...

I think your list should be my nailed it!!

Renee Peoples said...
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Renee Peoples said...

I did a true math journal this year and it was AMAZING! I got the book Thinking Out Loud on Paper as my guide. I was so impressed with the success of it that I plan to use it next year and do a better job in math but to also do it in Language Arts. It was an incredible resource.

evmiles said...

You'll be able to integrate Science and Social Studies more easily with thematic units as Common Core proposes.

Kim said...

Hi Cara:
I was just thinking about you this morning and wondering what you were up to. You are often my "go-to gal" for all things technology!

You list is terrific and I could easily find those things on my list as well. Maybe you could start a Linky? Then we can all keep each other accountable...

Thanks for the motivation (as usual!)

Finding JOY in 6th Grade

Beg, Borrow, and Teach! said...

One of my goals was to work with the writing specialist this year. We came up with a system using picture book mentor tets, 6-trait writing, and small group + whole group writing instruction.

Liliris said...

I like your goal of integrating math notebooking. I'd love to learn more about that and incorporate it with my 4th graders!

Fourth Grade Garden

allen6192 said...

Those goals are almost identical to mine! I need help with them all.

Teresa said...

Your list sounds so much like mine! We too are implementing a new math series. I don't have a lot of practical space for public recording space, so I have been looking into math journals as well. We are also implementing writer's workshop. I'm relieved as writing is a struggle for me also. Improving science ans social studies is always on my list of goals. I'm teaching summer school this year, so I don't have as much time tp do lots of research. I'm excited to here some of your ideas as you move forward.

Brenda said...

Your list is almost identical to mine! The only change is where you are looking toward Daily 5, I am planning to implement Guided Math in my classroom.

Primary Inspired

Ann said...

Hi Cara
Like everyone else said, my list is exactly like your list! Except add "prepare more indepth for art". Thanks for the great ideas. I'm your newest follower. Check out my blog if you ever have a chance. I'm looking forward to more great ideas from you.
The Caffeinated Classroom said...

I agree with all that said that this list is on point. I'll just cut and paste this bad boy into my own. Seriously, thanks for making this so clear.

Jay Zandstra said...
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Jay Zandstra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jay Zandstra said...

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LS MOLD said...

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The Inside of our Lives said...

I might use your goals!I am always looking for ideas to revamp my teaching, classroom, and life. I just signed my students up for Edmodo so they can keep in touch with the other kids and me over the summer. Your site is now a fave of mine.

The Inside of our Lives said...

I might use your goals!I am always looking for ideas to revamp my teaching, classroom, and life. I just signed my students up for Edmodo so they can keep in touch with the other kids and me over the summer. Your site is now a fave of mine.

Heather Mathews said...

I am loving your list! I am a new follower, and am excited to dig through your blog for ideas!!

Peacocks and Penguins

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