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Monday, April 9, 2012

Standardized Testing

Tomorrow starts the ARMT+, Alabama's state standardized testing. How do you stress the importance of the test without your students being a nervous wreck? There are so many rules and regulations that must be followed-only #2 pencils, no leaving the classroom, no books at your desk, no electronic devices in the room, etc. Our students are fully aware of the consequences of filing an irregularity report. Sure, I want my students to do their very best and follow all the rules, but I want them to be relaxed. Have we pushed our students too far where they can't relax during the test? Are they scared of  "The State Department?" Just say a prayer calm nerves and clear minds. I know my students are the best! I know I have done the very best I can!

My Standardized Testing Linky Party is still running. {Click here} for fun test preparation links. Be sure to add any links you use, too.
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Room 114 said...

Good luck on testing! I give my students peppermints. My mentor told me that it helps the little ones concentrate, so it's worth a shot!

When you need a break from testing, come on over to Room 114 - we tagged you :)


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