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Monday, October 3, 2011

Must Have Monday-Morning Meeting

A must have in my classroom is our Morning Meeting time. This is a special time where each child is made to feel special. It quickly sets the tone for the day. We begin each morning sitting in a circle so we can see each other easily. We go around the circle and greet each other with a good morning and a compliment. We then move into reciting our rules and Whitehead's Wisdoms. After that, the students and I read a special letter I've written to the class. The letter contains a positive note from me, information about the day, and a spin off question that leads into our sharing time.  The question ranges from something silly that happened on that day in history to what it means to respect others. Each child is given the opportunity to share what is important to them.

This is my first year to do Morning Meeting. The 10-15 minutes that we invest in this time everyday has made a dramatic impact in my classroom. Each child knows he/she is loved and respected not only by me but by each child in the class. I wonder why I never did Morning Meeting before!  



Anonymous said...

I love the Morning Meeting idea!

Farrah Kilgo said...

I totally agree with MM! I've used it for years and couldn't imagine my classroom without it. It really does set the tone for respect and caring throughout the day.