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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thrifty Thursday-Paper

Just call me a paper hoarder! Maybe it is due to the fact that budget cuts were deep when I began teaching and are even deeper now. Maybe it is due to the training from two mentors. Maybe it is the fact that I am just cheap-no THRIFTY!

I have a hard time throwing out a sheet of paper. If it has an unused back, I keep it. We can use it for a word web. If it has an area that is unused, I cut it up into smaller piece for notes, bookmarks, etc. I have my students continuing today's work where they left off yesterday. Sometimes, they end up with a whole week's worth on one page. I will shrink and run worksheets where their are two copies on each side. I've been known to have 4 pages on one. Our school secretary gripes at me constantly for doing this. She refuses to let me have any scrap paper!

I would love to say I do these things to save the environment, but I don't think I honestly can. I have decided it is because I'm cheap!



MelissaJ said...

I was the same way in the classroom, especially about paper. It was a combination of thriftiness/thinking "Green." I'm still that way, come to think of it.

Anonymous said...

I find myself hanging onto sheets of paper with a clean side, because I know I can use it for something. I also catch myself cutting out the unused sections of pieces of paper for notes. I think I caught the habit from my mentor/cooperating teacher...