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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tech Tuesday-ToonDoo

Do you ever find a site that your students love? A site that is easy enough for them to use without a lot of instruction? A site that gets them to writing? That is what I have found in ToonDoo.

ToonDoo is a free online cartoon creator. It has a simple drag and drop interface. I created one class account so I could monitor the students' ToonDoos and interaction. 

This week, our story, Coyote School News, is about a family who works on a ranch. My students spent time online researching life on a ranch. Then, they had to blog about what it would be like to live on a ranch. Finally, they had to create a ToonDoo with a ranch them. You can tell by viewing these ToonDoos that the students had a great time being imaginative! 

We have spent a lot of time discussing main idea. The students had to use this skill so their ToonDoos wouldn't be wordy. My students loved ToonDoo, and I know yours will, too!.

(Please note that my students are still in the process of creating their ToonDoos. This is only a brief sampling. Please check back soon for more.)

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Matthew said...

I'm glad you're finding all these really neat websites. You'll have found plenty to keep me busy when I get a job!