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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson and education! Strange pair, huh?

While I was watching "CBS Sunday Morning" before church, there was a segment on Samuel L. Jackson. He was discussing his current Broadway play where he is playing Martin Luther King, Jr. Oh, that's how he correlates! Nope!

He went further to discuss how he got into acting and all the many movies in which he has starred. He made the comment that he loves to watch himself in his movies. Why? He said why should he expect others to pay to watch him and enjoy it if he didn't enjoy watching himself.

This got me to thinking. Would we enjoy watching ourselves in the role of teacher? Would we like what we saw? Would we love our teacher and want to be like her? Would we enjoy learning in a safe environment? Would we be made to feel successful even if it's a small step?

During my National Board Teacher Certification process, I had to video and analyze my teaching. I quickly became aware of changes I needed to make, but I also saw some great things going on in  my classroom. I encourage each of you to see your teaching from your students' points of view. You might just like what you see!