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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday Thoughts-Homework

My favorite education quote has to be "like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework." by Lily Tomlin as Edith Ann. 

I have had others complain that I don't give enough homework. (It has never come from a parent, though!) Usually, my students have a little bit of math if they didn't complete it in class and some studying. I feel it is important for students to have a life outside of school. We, as teachers, complain when we have to take things home to work on, so why do we expect our students to do it.

I teach full force from 7:45 to 2:30. Surely, my students have worked hard enough! I want them to enjoy school, enjoy home, and enjoy being a kid. During the day, we should touch our kids with new knowledge, a good story, a kind word, an art activity, a joke. School is so much more than just reading, writing, and arithmetic. Although, that is the ultimate goal, I want my kids going home knowing that they are in a class where their teacher and classmate respect them. I want them to go home with good memories of school. 

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