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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Sit-Down-Soccer

"You don't teach soccer on a chalkboard." This statement was recently posted on Twitter by @thetechtiger. When I read it, the wheels in my mind started turning.

Do I try to teach my students without them ever being engaged and involved in the process? Sadly, I must admit that it does happen.  I praise myself on having an active classroom. My students are a part of reading and math small groups. They work through centers that they must manage themselves. I turn the pen over to our Promethean ActivBoard. Data is assessed to determine students individual needs. My classroom is arranged in groups because engaged learning doesn't happen in rows. Then, science and social studies time arrives. 

I don't know why I choose the "read the textbook" approach in two critical areas of instruction. Maybe, I am worn out by that time. Is it that so much time and effort are put into reading and math that I have almost shoved those subjects under the doormat? I need to be refreshed! I may have the one who will cure cancer or discover unknown historical treasures in my classroom, and I am doing them a huge disservice. This is a call and challenge to myself to be a soccer coach in science and social studies. I will get my kids "on the field."



Selena Ward said...

Nice post. I wish more teachers at my school would reflect on their practice and try to minimize the "read the textbook" moments. Students learn so much more by doing, even with the mistakes.