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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I am really interested in the whole phenomena of lapbooking. I'm sure it has something to do with my infatuation to Pinterest and the many, many wonderful teaching ideas I have found!

Today, I had my first experience with lapbooking. OK, not really. We did create a flap book of mean, median, mode, and range, but it is not in a notebook. With my current math program, Saxon Math, it is incredibly hard to fit in any "extras" outside of the program. However, I feel it is super important to give kids a concrete, hands-on approach to learning. They need a tool that they can easily use to refer to certain topics. I am definitely going to explore the area of lapbooking more. 

That is where I ask for your help. Can you offer me some tips and tools to use in being an effective lapbooker? I really like the ideas I am seeing of having one notebook to hold all of the lapbooks (if that is what you call them in this situation).

Thanks in advance!
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Ms. D said...

I love the idea of lapbooking that I have seen all over recently. My one question was what do you do with all of them and how would they work logistically for a Middle School classroom? Anyway, since I definitely don't have all the answers I decided to modify it. We put all of our foldables/books/etc. in our science lab journals. That way, we have them all in one place and can refer back to them throughout the year!

anwyn said...

I have a year 4 class of 30 and we are in the process of fitting lapbookingnin our topic. It works well if you take a structured approach. I display the lapbooks for the last term in a box and will send them home at the end of he year.