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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tech Tuesday-Domo Goanimate

My students really enjoyed creating animations using Domo Goanimate. This site is a super easy way to create animations for free. There is a wide variety of characters and props to simply drag and drop into a background. The possibilities are endless!

I created a class email address using Gmail. This address is used to register for sites we use in class. My students log in with this email address. I do this for two reasons. First, I can monitor my students work since everything is under the same account. Secondly, using one email address allows my students access to a free account. Most of these types of websites have education accounts (a teacher account with separate student accounts) for a fee. I need free! Therefore, creating under a common account keeps the site free.

Here is the assignment I gave my students for using Domo Animate. Remember, since I copied straight from Edmodo, the links are clickable.

This week's story is a play about a king who is trying to cook soup, but it becomes something else. You are going to complete a 2 step project this week. The catch is that I will not assign part 2 until Wednesday. This will ensure that you get the first step done.

1-Write a play. It can be about anything you would like to write about. Be sure to include a list of characters and scene directions. Your play must contain at least 3 characters that say at least 4 lines each. Follow the format of this week's story when setting up your play. You will publish your play on Kidblog. **This play will be entered in the school creative writing contest.**

2-Once you have published your play on Kidblog, you may work on step 2. You are going to animate your play using Domo Animate.
(a)Log into Domo Animate with our email address and password.
(b)Click Create in the red bar at the top.
(c)Click the Create cloud on the right side.
(d)Animate EVERY scene of your play.
(e)When time runs out and you are not finished, click Save at the top. Give it a title (include your first name) and a tag (a word telling the main idea of your play). Make sure you choose Draft. (You can't edit it once you click Publish.)
(f)If you are finished, click save, published, private, save and share. Add background music. Click the green envelope, and email it to
(g)To edit your Domo Animate, click on 4mrswhitehead at the top of the screen.
(h)Find yours in the list. Select the paper with the pencil on it (edit). It will open your animation to continue.

Have fun, and be creative!
To view are completed animations, please click {here}. You can read our plays, as well as our other blogs {here}.


kilgosclass said...

Cara, those are so great! We didn't get to make them because we were finishing our Encantado projects, but I have GOT to use this tool! Thanks so much for sharing!