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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Read the Bible Through Week 6

As I continue my commitment of reading the Bible through this year, I am thrilled that God speaks to me each day. God knows my thoughts, needs, and concerns and answers those in his Word. This week, God spoke to me about the plan he has for my life. Although, I may not be aware of that plan, He assures me that the plan is in place.
  • Exodus 5-9: Sometimes a clear message from God is followed by a time when no change is apparent. Focus on God rather than the goal.
  • Exodus 10-13: God doesn't always lead us on the shortest route to our goal. Don't complain. Just follow Him. He already knows the destination. He is guiding us on the safest, best route. Preparing for the goal shows our faith.
  • Exodus 14-18: Sometimes, we see ourselves in a problem with no way out. God will open up a way. When pressure comes, resist the pressure to escape. God will help you deal with the cause of your stress. Pray when you feel like complaining.
  • Exodus 19-21: Keeping God at the center of life keeps things from turning into gods.
  • Exodus 22-24: Make your wrongs right. As Christians, our lifestyle should show faith. We should obey God instead of doing what is accepted by society. Work for six days, and rest on the seventh.
  • Exodus 25-28: So much planning was put into the tabernacle. God planned my life the same way! Talents are given to glorify God. How can you use them for His glory?

Next week's reading plan:
  • Monday, February 13: Exodus 29-32
  • Tuesday, February 14: Exodus 33-36
  • Wednesday, February 15: Exodus 37-40
  • Thursday, February 16: Leviticus 1-4
  • Friday, February 17: Leviticus 5-7
  • Saturday, February 18: Leviticus 8-10

Again, I challenge you to make this commitment with me. If you are just now getting started or have gotten behind, pick up here. Don't try to catch up. You will be able to do that next year!


Tammy said...

This year I'm reading The Message. I so love that translation. It's my second time through it. In fact, my whole church is reading it this year.
❀ Tammy
Forever in First