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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Comment Signature

Do you wonder how bloggers sign their comments with a clickable link like this Teaching...My Calling  instead of this http://teachingmycalling.blogspot.com? It is super easy!

Simply, copy and paste the following code into your comment. You will need to change the text I have highlighted in orange to your URL and blog name.

<a href="teachingmycalling.blogspot.com">Teaching...My Calling</a>
I have not found a way for it to be automatically inserted into my comments, so I keep it on a document to copy and paste it each time. If you know a way, please share!

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Mrs. Shepherd said...


Shepherd's Shining Stars

Lori said...

I have just learned this too! Love that I can do this now. It's the little things.... :)
Conversations in Literacy

SC Teacher 28 said...

Thanks for sharing! I didn't know how everyone did this!


SC Teacher 28 said...

I didn't work! :(


Oodles of Teaching Fun said...

I am so happy that you posted this! I have been wondering how to do this.


Maestra Amanda said...

Thank you! I felt like a goof because I couldn't figure it out!

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