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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tech Tuesday-Prezi

This project features the webtool, Prezi. When I was first introduced to Prezi, it was described as "PowerPoint on steroids."  Prezi is a presentation tool that will allow you to add various multimedia (i.e. pictures, video, sound files). It will allow the creator to add zoom to the text and multimedia. It was easy enough for my 4th graders to create with out a lot of explanation! Click {here} to view some of their presentations.

The following is the assignment I posted for my students onto Edmodo. I love the fact that I can copy and paste straight from Edmodo! The links stay clickable, but I am able to edit the text. 

The Great Kapok Tree
Our story this week is about saving the rainforest. You will complete a 3 step project on a rainforest animal of your choice. 
1-Research a rainforest animal. Collect at least 5 facts, and save at least 5 pictures of your animal onto your jump drive. 

2-Create a Prezi of your rainforest animal. 
a. Log into Prezi. Your username is and the password is XXXXX. 
b. Go to Learn, and view the 3 videos. 
c. Click on Your Prezis, and click on New Prezi. 
d. Be sure the title of your Prezi has your first name and your animal's name. Click New Prezi. 
e. Create your Prezi including your 5 facts and pictures. 
f. Once you finish or time runs out, click Exit. Your Prezi will be saved and allow you to edit it later. 

3-Write a blog about why you chose your animal. 

**Note: Those with iPads, there is a Prezi viewer app. It will not let you create your Prezi, but it will allow you to show it off!
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Happy creating!
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TheMrsLowe said...

Oh I LOVE this! I learned about Prezi a few years a go in me tech class (I'm a recent graduate) and loved it but wasn't sure how to use it. This is great!

razo said...

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- share/discuss prezis you create for your work
- write articles/stories about how you use Prezi in the classroom
- discuss education related matters in the forums,
or just read how others use Prezi in education and get inspired. I was thinking about introducing how you use prezi on Prezi U because believe it can be a source of inspiration for others.

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kilgosclass said...

Brain-sharing again: We started prezi this week with Houdini Box!