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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Response Revolution

The Response Revolution by Robert Powell was written for teachers to explore using Promethean ActivExpressions in their classrooms. Learner response systems (LRS), or clickers, are a great way to motivate and engage students while providing immediate formative assessment results. This book leads you through the set up of your ActivExpressions to incorporating them into your daily lessons. The ideas come from classroom teachers across the country. There are even lessons submitted by Ron Clark!

The book provides excellent ideas that can be used with any brand of clickers that you may have in your classroom. If you don't have a set yet, the ideas can be easily incorporated into active engagement lessons. 

To win a copy of The Response Revolution as well as other Promethean prizes, please enter my giveaway {here}. You will be glad you won!

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Arlene Davis said...

I clicked on the "here" spot but kept getting an error...where can I find this book? I have been trying unsuccessfully all year to use my activexpressions. I teach 6th grade math--I have a mac at home and a dell @school and cant make up a test at home and use it at's very frustrating! Even our "certified promethean trainer" couldn't figure it out :o(